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Tips On Getting Your Rental Ready


Tips To Get Your Property Ready to Rent

  1. Ensure that the property is clean throughout.  I can organise a professional cleaner for you if required to make it easier if you request
  2. Garden area - if this is the responsibility of the tenant, this area must also be neat and tidy
  3. Smoke detectors must be installed and working with new batteries required to installed on the start of each new tenancy
  4. Water usage - flow restrictors of 9 litres per minute must be installed in all cold taps inside the property.  This ensures that water usage can be invoiced onto tenants
  5. Check that there are no leaking taps throughout the property
  6. If the property is carpeted ensure that carpets are in a clean condition with no trip hazards
  7. Check all lights are operational - on the start of each tenancy all lights must be operational
  8. Check with your insurance company that you have the correct cover with the property being a rental property
  9. Are you aware of Landlord Insurance - it's extra coverage should something go wrong with the tenancy eg. tenant does a runner, malicious damage.  Nothing is 100% guaranteed, if the tenant loses employment, separation etc this is negatively affect the tenancy which could result in loss of rent and/or damages - be fully covered

If a property is clean when a tenant enters into a tenancy then it has to be left in the same condition when they vacate - less fair wear and tear i.e. minor scuff marks to walls would be considered fair wear and tear.

These are just a few tips to help your tenancy to start off smoothly.

If you're unsure of anything, please don't hesitate to ask - I'm always here to provide advice and assistance.